Im using the Thermaltake Meka G1. Any ideas on how I can disable it so I can get into Windows on my desktop..? Here are the mappings:. Everything around them works fine. Is there a way to fix this?

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When I said I wanted to use more of my function keys as internet keys, I meant with your program, Logitech ultrax media keyboard can remap F8 to Web: So, from my point of view: Meedio Adds actions to control Meedio. I just like to remap some keys in Keyboard A. Im trying logitech ultrax media keyboard replace the USD…. The key is remapped for everything. For example, if you accidentally hit Caps Lock often, you could use this utility to map Caps Lock to a Shift key or even turn it off completely.

The good news is that it does sound like you want to move whole keyborad. So u saying that driver will not work on windows Vista which run on PC? What info is needed for adding them? Got nothing to mexia with your gender: I would like to remap CMD key to right Alt and turn off original right alt. All the keys work natively with Vista without a driver, which means that Vista logitech ultrax media keyboard these keys correctly.

Logitech Gs Rechargeable Gaming Mouse. Is there a way to fix this, or a logitech ultrax media keyboard so i can put it manually in the registry? Any ideas on how to get it to see function?

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Now my timeouts added the same comment three times. Try plugging it into another PC and see if it works there…. Keboard request is for you to remove or obliterate my address on logitech ultrax media keyboard first post. This is one of the ultra-flat keyboard models from Logitech and it has a usb connector.

Further, what ya see is what ya get in this case. It must be me as 3. My kids spilled tea on the laptop keyboard so I found your program to try to recover them.

Nor can I remap that key. Most blogs and web sites do not publish the addresses of users posting to their sites. Do you know, if anyone works on this issue. Hi, I got a new X60 Tablet running Vista.

I would like logitech ultrax media keyboard flip-flop the Fn logitech ultrax media keyboard Ctrl keys.

List of Plugins — EventGhost v documentation

However, once the button is assigned to sleep, nothing happens when I press the button. Thanks for any reply. Ash — it should work fine but my initial thought is that there should be other software to secure a kiosk. Tried to solve logitech ultrax media keyboard problem with Logitech UltraX Premium keyboard, usb. Tristan — it could be that the hardware is trapping the keystroke and not giving it to Windows… nothing SharpKeys can help with that.


Can you tell me which they would be in the list? Delivers major version updates. I keep getting told to check your website to see if an update is available. Download the free trial version below to get started. If I were able to reliably map out the registry for it, I would have included it in the product…. Randy, thank you so much for this program, it works great!

logitech ultrax media keyboard

I see email but not browser. Toshiba once had a flashcards update to resolve this issuie, but it is no longer posted on their website.

Neither of them do anything! With the move to version 3.

SharpKeys 2.1.1

The database recognizes 1, software titles and delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades. Could be that this is a non-remappable key.

Please check keyhoard SharpKeys website for an updated release.

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