If the test page prints out correctly, click Yes. Seize the misfed paper, and remove the paper from the feed area by carefully pulling it to the right using both hands. To abort the current job, click Cancel. You are now sent to the Samsung web site. Used to enter characters. Samsung website If you have Internet access, you can get help, support, printer drivers, manuals, and order information from the Samsung website, www. Using Your Printer in Linux

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Clone Copying, Book Copy, Erasing Background Images Clone copying Your machine can print multiple image copies from the original document samsung scx-6×22 a single page. Before scanning, you can set the scan options for your scan job.

Samsung SCX-6×22 User Manual

Page 34 See page 5. When your machine begins to ring, do not answer the call. The following procedure describes the general steps required samsung scx-6×22 printing from various Windows applications.

Adjunst the machine setting to the tray paper size of the printer properties. Then you can fax or e-mail the files, display them on your web site or use them samsung scx-6×22 create projects samsung scx-6×22 you can print using Samsung Smsung software or the WIA driver.

Copying on both sides of paper By using the Duplex button on your machine, you samsung scx-6×22 set the machine to print copies on both sides of paper.

There are several predefined watermarks that come with the printer, and they can be modified, or samaung can add new ones to the list. Ethernet cable, you samsung scx-6×22 share the machine with other network users.

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Toner Cartridge-related Messages You can keep printing but the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the product support is no longer provided. Printer overview These are the main components of your machine: You need only tell the printer to print the samsung scx-6×22 overlay on your document.

Loading Originals Loading originals and print media This chapter introduces you to how to load originals and print media into your machine. If you enter a speed dial number stored in the group, Delete? samsung scx-6×22


Follow the suggested solutions until the problem is corrected. It is not necessary to place the call from a fax machine. Enter the speed dial number you want to add or delete and press If you entered a new speed dial number, Samsung scx-6×22 With this option set to On a tone sounds each time a key is pressed.

Page 82 Open the front cover. Caution Do not touch the green underside samsung scx-6×22 the toner cartridge. Samsung scx-6×22 the printer does not receive data for an extended period of time, power consumption is automatically lowered. The printer prints every other page of the document first.

Printing received faxes on both sides of paper You can set the machine to print received faxes on both sides of paper.

Press the Scroll buttons until Forward appears and press OK. To view the Help samsung scx-6×22, you need to have Internet the Help file. If the test page prints out correctly, samsung scx-6×22 Yes. Speed dial numbers You can store up to frequently-used fax numbers in speed samsunt numbers. Clone copying Your machine can print multiple image copies from the original document on a single page. Samsung scx-6×22 Setting Only for Windows You can use the printer properties window, which allows you to access all of the printer options you samsyng for using your printer.

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Samsung CLX-2160 Series Service Manual

Samsung scx-6×22 the underside of the scanner lid and white sheet until it is clean and dry. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Fit samsung scx-6×22 Page This printer feature allows you to scale your print job to any selected paper size regardless of the digital document size.

Page 21 Press the Scroll buttons until Auto Continue appears and press Press the Samsung scx-6×22 buttons until the binding option you want appears.

You can select either Stop samsung scx-6×22 Continue. Take care when removing paper from the machine. Press OK to add or delete the number.

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