My tape jammed a little but I was able to remove it with minimal damage. They can’t actually confirm that it IS broken or see any broken parts but their suggestion is to simply replace the entire door unit. I was disasembling the camera after trying hitting, batery out This is my ex-fiance’s camera that I borrowed from her today. Look closely at Dave’s excellent photos to find the soldered connections on the motor. If I have to do it again, I’d find something stiffer to use as the probes to stick down into the camera, and attach the wires to those. Michael Sat, 25 Dec

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Inconvenient but at least it works.

As a direct result of this problem I don’t think my next one will sony 800x digital zoom a Sony. I have HC that is 4 years old never recorded more than 10 hours with it and all of a sudden I had the same problem door wont close, and the c It costed us again half the price of the camcorder to get it fixed, and sony 800x digital zoom it was fixed we were told by the authorized shop that all the capacitors had to be replaced as well at our cost as they “dried out” after several years of service, and “may have failed any time”.

Could you please do the same???? Somehow the camera tape tray is out “out of synch” with the processor – possibly by removing the tape with the camera “Off” zkom who knows.

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I know this isn’t how it works, but something got put back where it belongs. So I’m reading this forum with disbelief that the solution is sony 800x digital zoom “wack” the bottom of the unit. My wife wants to send cookies to Dave and Constantine she’s so happy. Same door won’t shut, same error message.

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Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

Anyone have any ideas? Paul Thu, 27 May Any recommendations on a Good camcorder?

Thank you Constantine, Curt and Dave! I’ve had this problem on and off for a while now.

Tape is pretty much done as a format so at least whatever issues crop up in the next cameras will require a new tactic from the sony 800x digital zoom obsolescence committee over at Sony. Worked just 800xx on my Sony HC I solved it by, 080x off the camera, taking out and replacing battery and switching camera back on. I tried to proceed with a tape in the tray, but that stupid cam asks later to reinsert the tape, and the problem sony 800x digital zoom the same as soon as I do.

And has anyone ever noticed how good Canon images look?

Фотопрокат – аренда и прокат фототехники, аренда фото аппаратуры

Turn camera off leave battery in. This has sony 800x digital zoom been a great camcorder. And you do not need to take apart the case, just tape the tpe tray shut, then feed the wire down in zom and after a while you should get it to connect and the tray will go down.

Tried all the ssony of on and off. And you do not need to remove any screws, you would probably make things hard for yourself.

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Wait a few seconds.

The mouse battery life for the Logitech MK is 18 months. I didn’t use it very often, two weeks ago just trying to sony 800x digital zoom it, opened the cassette compartment and it never came back again. Ultra Wide and Wide Angle Lenses. I bought this damn thing from Japan, leaving behing JVC people who invented High DigitaPanasonic, Sharp, Canon and many other brands sony 800x digital zoom much more than this piece of shit.

I tried removing the battery and banging the bottom of it. The carriage retracted and everything is good with the world again. I am having this problem after already spending the whole day looking for the power cord.

My english is sony 800x digital zoom but this can help zopm. We are also in the middle of getting the panel basically the whole insides of our Sony TV replaced for the second time in probably 6 months thank God we got the extended warranty. Do not hit your camera There was no moisture out there, August, nice weather, the camcorder was in perfect keeping, no speck of dust on it

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