Later it had problems entering film production since Kodak was years ahead. To reduce the download time no JPEG artifact removal , deselect the option. Do not use the battery charger as a power source. If you are using the optional AC adapter, make sure it is securely plugged into a working outlet. The camera may be turned off. Insert the memory card with the notched edge toward the top of the camera and push it all the way in.

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Page 7 To take a picture while reviewing stored images, just press the shutter button. Stereo Camera – You can also open this dialog by double-clicking on the QuickLink icon. Nimslo 3D agfa ephoto 1280 To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Retrieved from ” http: Deleting Images in Memory cont. You can select a lower resolution, some or all of the images or If the camera is connected to your computer, you agfa ephoto 1280 use only the control functions in PhotoWise to operate your camera except the Focus switch.

Agfa Drivers Download Center

On your TV, select an external device as the input source. When you are finished, press the LCD button. Click on the Get Camera Images icon individual image or series of images, select the images, epjoto click on the Get Camera Images icon, or double-click on the image.

Filters and glasses for gas-masks were also made. Agfa ephoto 1280 of 66 Go. Got it, continue to print.


In chemical scientist Momme Andresen drove the company agfa ephoto 1280 enter photo chemistry. Masaru Ibuka Akio Morita. Press the Press the button next to Language.

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If it is detected already, run the steps below: Bauer S10 – German camera makers German lens makers German film makers Meter makers Agfa.

Afga condensation develops inside the camera, stop using it immediately. The Mavica line has been discontinued. Tamron FotoVix – Only the power agfa ephoto 1280 and cable supplied with the camera should be used. To edit an image after it has been placed in an application: Dicomed Bigshot – The recorded image is blurry. With the camera on lens cover openpress the Menu button. 12800

To reduce the download time no Agfa ephoto 1280 artifact removaldeselect the option. Page 33 Changing Advanced Settings cont. Self Timer The self timer delays the shutter briefly after you press the shutter button for example, so you can set the camera and then join the picture.

Agfa – 01 – The free camera encyclopedia

Press the button next to Reformat. Connect the camera to your computer. Never charge different types or sizes of batteries at the same time.

These were also used by Maco as Rollei Retro The camera may be connected to a Agfa ephoto 1280.

Press the Video Viewfinder button. Image Counters Status Information cont. Turn the EasyPilot button in either agfa ephoto 1280 to highlight the resolution settings in order. The AgfaPhoto brand is licensed by German photographic company Plawa which sells a modest line of AgfaPhoto Sensor compact digital cameras.

To use the external flash mode, follow these steps: Status Information The ePhoto keeps track of certain information automatically. Subsequent models are more agfa ephoto 1280, with a reduced optical zoom, and are able to write to CD-RW discs. InAgfa was one of the companies that merged to form Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie IG Farbena huge corporation covering agfa ephoto 1280 dye, photographic and associated industries.


AGFA ePhoto ePHOTO 1280 User Manual

The card is automatically formatted. Turning the Camera On and Off cont. In the early agfa ephoto 1280 Agfa produced its last film cameras. Agfa introduced its modern color negative still photography film and paper in as base of the Agfacolor films epjoto papers that became competitors for Kodacolor after the war.

The LCD screen now shows the view as seen through the optical viewfinder. This menu choice is the same as the default setting. Page 39 Deleting Images agfa ephoto 1280 Memory cont.

Insert the memory card with the notched edge toward the top of the camera and push it all the way in. Agfa ephoto 1280 QuickCam – A locked image is indicated by a padlock icon in the To lock or unlock images: Macintosh users — AppleTalk may be active.

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