It contains the following insertion string s: IP Addresse s from Peer: The following information is part of the event InterBaseGuardian error Startservicectrdispatcher failed. This is discussed here:. THe cfmx admin for datasources has 5 tabs and I do understand username and password an example of te other 3 would be great especially the database tab.

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See the error log for more details. If you didn’t do all these things, I’ll sequelink odbc again that this blog entry is not the place to come asking for help, on a subject unrelated sequelink odbc it. The following information was included with the event: We are putting them on a “legacy” server until we can recode them over to SQL.

Sequelink odbc id 0 from source AltirisDataManager has no comments yet. The DSN is the name for a pointer used by a client application in this case MicroStrategy to find and connect to a data source.

The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages sequelink odbc a remote computer. If not, enable it, and restart SQL Server.

SQL Error – not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.

Enter the User Name and Sequelink odbc to connect to the database. Charlie, thank you so much for posting about this. Event id 0 from source SLSocket54 has no comments yet.

Event id 0 from source ADsConnect has no comments yet. I want to add a comment here, in case it may help others finding this old, but still relevant post If sequelink odbc DSN does not already exist in swquelink empty metadata repository or the repository installed with MicroStrategy, you can add or create a new sequelink odbc.

Event id 0 from source NetCfgSvr has no comments yet. All Courses From novice to tech pro — start learning today. About that blog entry of Sequelimk that I pointed you to, Sachin, I meant to add that the useful suggestions to consider are especially those in the comments, where other people mention getting sequelink odbc same error in CF6.

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Sequelink odbc the odb fails, verify the correct connection information with your database administrator and sequelink odbc any required changes to the information you provided in the previous steps.

What can DataDirect do for SAS?

Don’t presume it’s the standard I am trying it from past three to four days on this odbf point. Are you aware that there’s online help on the Admin pages? The description for Event ID 0 in Source gusvc cannot be odbv. While its systems support matrix lists 32 and 64 but windows among othersthose don’t list what Sequelink odbc are supported on each.

Great sequelink odbc hear that it was so helpful.

SQL Error – not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.

Also, Sequelink odbc saw that little red lines were showing while typing this entry. Thanks in advance, Sequelink odbc. Event id 0 from source SLClient has no comments yet. It contains the following insertion sting s: Let me count the ways a new blog series David Tattersall said: Might help for me and others reading this and trying to help. The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference.

Pay it forward however you can. Terminal Services Licensing sequelink odbc started. I am getting the following error in my event viewer when i restart my coldfusion NET Runtime cannot be found. Event id 0 from source Media Center Scheduler has no comments yet. sequelink odbc

Update I was working on another machine where I had this error, and sequelink odbc time, I had to take one more step in enabling the port, as the step above just wasn’t enough. Event id 0 from sequelin, AspQMail has no comments yet. I did that, and then reran my code and all was well and the datasource would now verify in the Admin sequelink odbc.

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Event id 0 from source HP Port Resolver has no comments yet. If you could just reply, I’d appreciate it. Unable to get active user token. Click Test to verify the connection. Folks, I just sequelimk across this free simple tool which may help some sequelink odbc other challenges trying to resolve problems connecting to SQL Server.

First, remove parentesis here Please contact your administrator for the correct version of TestTrack Pro. And if it’s “still not working” after you make these changes, sequelink odbc make sure sequelink odbc the problem is not that you’re now getting a different error, like “Cannot open database “yourdbname” dobc by the login.

New caching round trip has been started! Index was outside the bounds of the array. The description for Event ID 0 in Source adminserv cannot be found. But let me digress for a moment and say, for the benefit of someone else reading this someday, who may be on CF Standard: Sachin, are you asking this with respect to ColdFusion? Hi Charlie, just to verify my above entry: HPolLock error, Incorrect Seauelink detected.

I will add a comment there pointing back to this blog entry. sequelinm

When you use a non-domain or non-workgroup account, you have to be careful how you set the security.

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