Repetitive-defects troubleshooting Defects on printer rollers can cause image defects to appear at regular intervals on the page. The top cover and front door need to be Close the top cover and front door. Main Fan Main fan Remove the following components: Figure Remove the upper cover 1 of 5 Open the upper cover, and then squeeze the two blue fuser-locking levers to release the fuser. The toner can be easily smudged until the heat and pressure of the fusing process fix the image to the sheet.

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Table Of Contents Horizontal line Page Release the locking tab callout 1 on the cassette guide rail to the right, and slide the rail forward to remove it. Page 39 On lserjet right side of the printer, gently pull the black hp color laserjet 3000n together, and then pull the formatter assembly from the printer.

Be careful when cleaning around alserjet fuser area. Javascript is disabled in this browser. Place the formatter board on a clean, flat, grounded surface.

Rear hp color laserjet 3000n cover Remove the following components: These problems are indicated by abnormalities in the printer’s power-on sequence.

Wait for the fuser to cool before you remove it. Close the front cover and then turn on the printer. See Formatter cage on page Remove one screw callout 1. When you reinstall the guide, make hp color laserjet 3000n that the rear locking tab is seated in the sheet-metal chassis.

If the roller remains dirty after cleaning or if it hp color laserjet 3000n damaged, replace it. Vertical lines Laserjwt Causes for vertical lines Cause Solution Photosensitive drum has grooves on the circumference Replace the cartridge that produces the vertical lines.

Figure Remove the front cover 7 of 7 Hint Duplex model only: Prints a series of print-quality assessment pages that help troubleshoot many print-quality problems.

If you are repairing a simplex model printer, ignore the following hp color laserjet 3000n. Image Defects Image defects If specific defects occur repeatedly, print a Print Quality Troubleshooting page and follow the instructions on the first page. Before performing a hard-disk initialization, print a menu map and a configuration page. Page Use a flatblade screwdriver to release the locking tab at the rear of the colot.

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Print cartridge This printer has four print cartridges: Page Use a small flatblade screwdriver to release the top cover on the —sheet feeder pickup-and- feed assembly, and then remove the cover.

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Print cartridges Open the front cover. Page Remove one screw callout 2. The DC controller reads data at the following times: If the New Hardware Found message appears, insert the CD, follow the onscreen instructions, and accept the default selections. Page 49 Remove the new print cartridge from the bag, and remove the tape-seal. Image-formation system The image-formation system, which forms a toner image on media, consists of several interdependent systems: First occurrence 0mm Primary charging roller 27mm Hp color laserjet 3000n cylinder 27mm Registration roller inside 35mm Registration roller outside 36mm Transfer roller inside 44mm Fuser sleeve 75mm Photo sensitive drum 76mm Fuser pressure roller 79mm Figure Repetitive defect ruler NOTE Transfer unit defects usually appear on every other page because the transfer belt is hp color laserjet 3000n than a page.

You might have to use needle-nose pliers to reattach the cable straps to the two cable clamps. Any failure is occurring in the transfer or fusing stage.

Page Place your thumbs on the fuser latches, squeeze the latches, and pull up on the fuser to remove Page Disconnect four connectors callout 3and then remove three screws callout 4 to release the memory-controller PCA. This chapter also contains information to help diagnose and solve hp color laserjet 3000n. Latent-image Formation Stage, Step 1: Manual Sensor Test special Mode Test To isolate a problem, specify which input tray to use, specify whether to use the duplex path, and specify the number of copies to print.

Remove one screw callout 2 to release the fan. If laseruet are removed, the door switch must be manually cycled during some tests in order for the engine to recognize a change. If HP receives notice of such defects during the warranty period, HP will, at its hp color laserjet 3000n, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective.

Printer Toner Cartridges, Supplies and Parts by HP Model

Page Rotate the back of the cover away from the printer, and then slide the cover to the rear to disengage the two bp locking tabs and release the cover. Figure Remove hp color laserjet 3000n developing separation-drive assembly 2 of 4 Disconnect two connectors callout 4; J and J on the driver PCA and remove the wire- harnesses from the two retainers callout 5.

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Figure Colr the pickup-and-feed assembly 2 of 8 Remove two screws callout 3and then remove the two sheet-metal covers callout 4. Alphabetical parts list Table Alphabetical parts list 3000 Part number Table and page sheet feeder paper-pickup assembly RMCN sheet feeder paper- pickup assembly on page —sheet cassette onlytray 3 RMCN hp color laserjet 3000n feeder cassette tray 3 on page —sheet feeder and cassette Q— sheet feeder hp color laserjet 3000n Sensors in the pickup-and-feed system trays cassettes Paper sensors detect media in the trays.

HP LaserJet printer model reference

Introduction Removal and replacement strategy Introduction This chapter describes the removal and replacement of field-replaceable units FRUs hp color laserjet 3000n. Figure Remove the sheet feeder right cover 2 of 3 Rotate the top of the cover hp color laserjet 3000n from the feeder to release three locking tabs along the bottom of the cover.

Uw serienummer vinden Uw productnummer vinden. What is in the box The following items come in the box with the printer. Use to set color-print-job user restrictions. Always try initializing the hard disk before replacing it. Figure Remove the sheet feeder left laserjrt 2 of 5 Use a flatblade screwdriver to release the locking tab at the front of the cover.

Download Dot4xmsi File for HP Hardware

Figure Remove the left cover 1 of 5 Open the front cover. Make sure that these laserjft are reinstalled in the same place that they are hp color laserjet 3000n from. Page Printing can continue from other trays. HP Color LaserJetdots in vertical lines supplies included 4 drum-rotation test timing diagram HP Color LaserJetduplexer errors toner buildup included 4 EIO cards transparencies jams, clearingengine test page traysload message

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