Almost all different brands of that video card model are exact copies of the reference design and all have the same specifications. It does not include any extra bandwidth for parallel accesses to motherboard RAM. If the speed number of one card is 1. Views Read Edit View history. The table below includes only the most common versions of a particular model. The gaming benchmarks selected for pairs of cards are very high-resolution and high image quality tests.

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Archived from the original on May 23, But since people want a single speed number anyway, this column provides one. Retrieved January 29, Mobile Kepler and Fermi Die Shrinks”.

GeForce 6 series

Multiple numbers are listed if there are common models with different amounts nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 video RAM. If the speed number of one card is 1. This table column gives the version of DirectX that this video card was designed to support. Fortunately, some enterprizing Russians at xbit labs geforcd gone to the trouble of measuring the actual wattage used by many video cards.

Life on the Kepler Verge”. Outputs This table column provides the video outputs included on the standard configuration for this video card. Tesla GeForce 8 9 See here for a more thorough explanation of this issue. gfeorce

The video card manufacturers tend to put out very confusing geforcs of how much total useable RAM is available for a given video card presumably because it varies depending on the amount of motherboard RAM.

The stream processors are dynamically allocated to do pixel, vertex, or nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 processing based on immediate demand.


The series retains the core rendering features of the series, including SLI. As a result, scenes with far more visible objects will be possible. This table column provides the amount nnv44a video RAM on the standard model of the video card in megabytes.

The speed number isn’t that accurate. nvidia nv44a geforce 6200

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 12 Jul All binary grousing aside, larger numbers means that it has faster video RAM.

List of Nvidia graphics processing units – Wikipedia

Some video nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 have both single data rate SDR and double nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 rate DDR models which actually have the same performance specs ggeforce the DDR model has half the memory width. People run pairs of cards together to improve performance under those geflrce. If a video card has an xbitlabs wattage measurement then that value is given much higher weight in the final outcome than other measurements. But the CPU load is also substantially higher when running a video game than when idling at the desktop and other parts of the hardware consume more power as well.

Computer-related introductions in Nvidia graphics processors Video cards. You can also read about them if you’re good with Babel Fish on nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 like thisthisnb44athisthisthisand this.

This table column reports the maximum clock rate. Uncommon versions are not included.

GPUの性能比較 PassMark

The GeForce M series for notebooks architecture. Kepler GeForce M. Retrieved 8 December The GeForce M series is a graphics processor architecture for notebooks, Tesla microarchitecture. But ngidia not nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 good at telling you how much wattage the video card nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 draw from your power supply.


However, at introduction, production silicon was not yet ready. So if the video card has DDR memory with a clock rate of MHz then this column contains because there are two transfers per clock.

GPU性能比較表 PassMark

Some are better with full screen anti-aliasing while others are better with none. If there are too few cards in the same speed range with nv444a data then the nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 is given a “? You can read their main video card power articles hereherehere ngidia, and here.

There’s no such thing as a single speed number which you can use to compare how fast different video cards are at games. Retrieved August 18, That’s as opposed to previous versions of DirectX where part of nvidia nv44a geforce 6200 shader hardware was often idle for some kinds of scenes.

The GeForce 9M series for notebooks architecture. Archived from the original PDF on April 17, That’s what the power supply actually has to deliver to the video card. The table below includes only the most common versions of a particular model.

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